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Loan against securities

home loan

We understand how much you value your investments and want them to remain with you for a long-term. With our Loan against Securities (LAS) offer, you can meet immediate cash requirements without having to liquidate the securities

Loan amount will be assessed on the basis of investment value, future viability of income and purpose of the loan.The loan amount cannot be used for speculative activities, any purpose linked to capital market activities, or for any anti-social purposes. All credit provided is at the absolute discretion of Esaar (India) ltd.

Our Product Covers the following:-

  • Loans against Shares/Mutual Funds/Bonds
  • Promoter Funding
  • IPO Financing
  • ESOP Funding
  • Margin Trade Funding
  • Structured Finance

We offer products for the following purposes-

  • For construction and purchase of house (Home Loan-HL)
  • Repair and renovation of dwelling units (Home Improvement Loan- HIL)
  • Plot Purchase and Construction thereon (PCL)
  • Loan against Property (LAP)
  • Balance Transfer Facility from other Financial Institutions (BT)

Please take a look at top features of Business Loan:-

  • Instant liquidity at your disposal
  • Loan based on the value of your securities - Pledge your securities in favour of Esaar, get an overdraft facility of up to a certain value.
  • Withdraw the money as and when you require (Temporary OD’s)
  • Wide List of Approved Securities - We offer a comprehensive list of Shares, Mutual Funds, FMPs, ESOPs, IPOs and Bonds which are accepted as collateral for Loan.
  • Security Swap – We provide you with the flexibility to swap securities based on your stock market assessment, while you continue to reap the benefits of dividends, bonus and rights issues.

The first and foremost criteria for the loan are that the applicant should be resident in India. Eligibility is also determined on some other factors like- Age, account behaviour, future viability of income, history of loans acquired and their repayment track etc. Loan will be sanctioned after verification of documents &ownership of securities.

All charges, taxes, levies etc. applicable as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges. This statement of charges is as on date of disbursement and is subject to change in future.

*The rates, fees, charges etc as stated herein above are subject to changes / revision from time to time at the sole discretion of Esaar (India) Limited. The Companies will update the changed version on its website from time to time.

The Rate of Interest will vary depending individual credit assessment of the customer and will be at the sole discretion of Esaar (India) Ltd.