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Loan against property

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Esaar offers Loan against Property (LAP) for your business or personal needs. You can mortgage both residential and commercial property and enjoy comfortable EMIs with long tenure. The loan amount will be assessed based on your income financials as well as the value of the property. Esaar’s Loan against Property is an excellent debt consolidation tool.

Our high loan amounts also come with longer repayment tenures, all at attractive interest rates. What you see is what you get. With easy to understand terms and conditions, our Loan against property is transparent and comes with zero hidden charges.

Our product also covers LAP as an overdraft up to 80%-90% subject to eligibility and assessment of case. We also offersthe facility of the Pre-qualified Top Up loan to our existing customers

we offer Loan Against Property that is completely customisable to our customer’s needs. our customers can tailor their loan while selecting loan tenure, amount and repayment option according to what works best for them..

Take a look at some features and benefits:-

  • Both residential and commercial properties are accepted as collateral,
  • Loan amount Against Property can be used for a variety of personal or business needs
  • With competitive interest rates, you can easily repay your loan in low EMIs
  • Quick processing, hassle free and no hidden charges
  • excellent debt consolidation tool

We assess the loan amount based on your income financials as well as the value of the property.You can mortgage both residential and commercial property for availing LAP. However, the property should be free from any charge i.e. there should be no other loan running on the property offered as a security for LAP.

All charges, taxes, levies etc. applicable as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges. This statement of charges is as on date of disbursement and is subject to change in future.

*The rates, fees, charges etc. as stated herein above are subject to changes / revision from time to time at the sole discretion of Esaar (India) Limited. The Companies will update the changed version on its website from time to time.

The Rate of Interest will vary depending individual credit assessment of the customer and will be at the sole discretion of Esaar (India) Ltd.