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Demand loans

demand loan

Esaar offers Demand loan, often termed as Working Capital Demand Loan (WCDL) which is basically the ready to repay loan on demand of the lenders. The borrowers have the liberty to repay the amount anytime without facing any pre-payment charges. We offer demand loan in a form of short-term finance with no fixed tenure. Demand loans are sanctioned by Esaar against some kind of security as goods or stocks, shares, land building or any other assets as well as personal guarantees.

  • Demand loans are basically secured loans granted against collateral.
  • A borrower needs to pay the interest only on the used amount.
  • A borrower doesn’t have to worry about long-term EMIs.
  • A borrower has the flexibility to make a small payment until they are eligible to pay the whole amount.
  • The loan amount or tenure is fixed by the Esaar in consultation with the borrower.
  • Loan component can be split, with different maturity periods as per the needs and requirements of the borrowers.

Eligibility is determined on some factors like- Age, financials, cash flow, business vintage, account behaviour, future viability of income, history of loans acquired and their repayment track etc. Loan will be sanctioned after field investigation, verification of documents & collateral subject to assessment of proposal.

All charges, taxes, levies etc. applicable as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges. This statement of charges is as on date of disbursement and is subject to change in future.

*The rates, fees, charges etc. as stated herein above are subject to changes / revision from time to time at the sole discretion of Esaar (India) Limited. The Companies will update the changed version on its website from time to time.

The Rate of Interest will vary depending individual credit assessment of the customer and will be at the sole discretion of Esaar (India) Ltd.